Thursday, 24 June 2010

Perverse Productivity

So the coalition wants the views of the 6 million public sector workers – teachers, police, nurses, social workers, and even managers, according to a hesitant Nick Clegg today.

There are over 100,000 managers working in adult social care. They lead a social care workforce of over 1.5 million. These people work in residential homes and provide support to people in their own homes and in the community. They provide a public service much of it with public money. What is not commonly realised is that only a small percentage are actually public sector workers. Most (over a million) are private and voluntary sector workers. They have a lot to contribute to both how savings can be secured and in making it happen. That’s what managers do.

We would like to know their views and opinions on savings and efficiencies in social care. As consultants (we call ourselves Support Advisers whilst consultant is a dirty word) we know that improved productivity in social care perversely costs money. Costs to local government and the service using public that is but saves money in the NHS. We say tackle it in an integrated way and get away from a focus on just the public sector workforce. Social care is one of the biggest financial challenges facing the UK. In our view it will be the workforce and their managers – public, private and voluntary sector – who will have some of the answers.

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