Monday, 18 April 2011

Help give (residential) child care a professional voice

The Institute of Childcare and Social Education (ICSE), of which I am Interim Chair, held a General Meeting on 14 March 2011. Discussion was lively, and the main thrust was to focus on the needs of registered managers of children’s homes, who hold the key to the quality of services provided, need first-rate support and training, and deserve professional recognition through registration.

It is a time of threats to services because of budget cuts and I believe it is time for the child care profession to get involved, and provide support and leadership to its own; monitoring the impact of government cuts, pointing to alternatives.

ICSE has now been relaunched as a body for concerned professionals to come together and make sure that both practitioners and managers have a voice. It is not only a matter of facing the government’s cuts squarely. There is also a lot positive going on such as the introduction of social pedagogy, educational therapeutics and restorative practice, the development of play and the continued impact of children’s centres.

Ways need to be found to ensure that the positive momentum of these developments is not lost, and that the services survive the cuts till the financial times become easier.

If these matters are of concern to you, join the ICSE and help to give your profession a voice, then please get in touch at

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