Thursday, 16 June 2011

Carers Direct

You know how it is on trains - snatches of conversations and mobile calls drifting across from neighbouring seats. Whatever - they were collecting souls - it was a comedy. He has an overactive thyroid - radiation therapy. There will be no trolley after York. Can you imagine if Graham was gay? You can't do that with the flexi. And then some trigger words make the ears go on alert - social worker.

I talked to the social worker. She had a good care package like and excellent carers. It was more the emotional stuff. She had already been to a counsellor - Relate and all. I says to her why don't you use the money to get something for yourself - with other women - Yoga or whatever. Disability or not you don't want to be stuck in the house do you?. It’s like bereavement - you know.

Good that social work is associated with assisting with emotional needs. Query - how well are social workers equipped to meet this expectation?

As they got off I noted they both carried Carers Direct bags

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