Sunday, 10 July 2011

Reflections on Directors Forum 2011 for RIPFA

In my role as Social Reporter blogging on Funding for Innovation in Social Care...

“Research is all about evidence ergo Research in Practice (RIP) and Research in Practice for Adults (RIPFA) are both all about evidence. At this year’s Directors Forum, held jointly by the organisations, the theme was Funding for Innovation in Social Care. We all know that innovations struggle to get funding. They are risky, unproven and eat up time and money. Directors need some persuading to innovate – they talk about ‘having to do the day job’. Funders want sight of return on investment. Customers are reluctant to deviate from the tried and tested. Hence at the Forum participants heard about, considered and discussed the contribution of evidence.

What motivated them to do this at a time when they have enough trouble keeping the show on the road and savings to extract?...”

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