Monday, 17 October 2011

Improving Satisfaction in Social Work Assessment and Care Management

How satisfied are the public with the social work service they are getting when they are ask for support or want to change something? In our experience, the wait for an assessment is most frustrating for families, particularly when the service users’ circumstances are changing and new care packages are required.

There are the changed appointments and rescheduling of visits, particularly if a multidisciplinary team is involved. There is IT systems used for scheduling the care package and billing against personal budgets – but what about the productivity of the assessment and care management teams? How much time is wasted through unproductive visits and rescheduling arrangements?

Probably a call centre already signposts service users but does it use a system based on volume, complexity and risk combined with dynamic scheduling and PDAs/iphones to improve customer service?

Where dynamic scheduling is being used in Councils, user satisfaction increases to over 95%. It improves productivity by speeding up scheduling, taking account of cancellations to reschedule or substitute alternative assessment arrangements and enables communication. Needless to say, it integrates into your core case management systems. In time, this will mean that there will be more effective assessments and undertaken more quickly leading to greater customer focus. It is all about getting it right first time with the most appropriate support to service users

In these straightened times, a short business case should be developed to establish the costs, savings and benefits. For a discussion, please contact

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