Monday, 27 February 2012

Guest Blog From Rosemary Milmine: Life As A Registered Care Manager

As an actual Registered Manager, doing the 60hrs plus a week, (at the moment working the night shift because a member of staff went off suddenly and there was no one able to cover at short notice), I can only applaud any move towards better recognition that the job we do is often complicated and quite frankly often unrealistic. I am being put under pressure by the local authority to reduce the fees we currently charge for residents – (basically telling me how I must cut down on basic good care) and whilst I am digging my heels in for the moment I am not sure for how much longer I can hang on and I am not the only care home facing this. The upshot will inevitably be staff reduction and managers’ workloads will become even more unmanageable.  

Focusing on Registered Managers is a good idea, I have a lot more confidence than I had when I started in this role and I know that I provide a good service, (a CQC inspection last week confirmed this!), but it has taken me quite a few years to get to this position. It would be good if Registered Managers were supported to get to the same point quicker than I have! I still haven’t worked out how to get down to a 40hr week!

My worry would be whether Registered Managers could be released from their roles to attend forums and training – when I undertook my Registered Managers Award seven years ago most of us were doing it in our own time and since then thinks have got busier. However I think we need to somehow start taking control we can’t have all and sundry waltzing into our homes telling us how to run them…

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