Thursday, 22 March 2012

Action for Ageing

297 Tips To Improve The Health, Safety And Wellbeing Of Your Ageing Loved Ones. Chris Minett and Robin Minett ISBN 978-0-9568220-4-8

A pleasant surprise benefit of tweeting was being sent this interesting book. A colleague at was optimistic she could get some tips that would be helpful for her 83 year old mother and agreed to read it. She reports by way of our blog:

The book is well presented with an introduction and list of contents and the hints are set out in alphabetical order – Ageing, Alzheimer’s, banking, bathroom etc. Each topic has its own chapter and is attractively laid out; beginning with a simple fact/numerical comparison, often relating to costs. There is then an explanation of issues, things for a carer to consider along with some essentials. Each section closes with an action list of things to do, web links and signposts for further more specialist information, which is mostly helpful. The text is interspersed with cartoons and pearls of wisdom from carer Min. However fewer pearls would have been wiser.

There is much helpful information contained within the book but it is rather thick and information is somewhat unruly and could be better organised. For example there is some useful information about key locks, which many people would not know about until they needed one, but it could usefully have been linked to the section on security. Likewise kitchen safety could be better linked to fire in the home and the section on fridges. There are various sections covering safety in different parts of the home and similarly different sections on gadgets, aids and Telecare.

The book feels rather expensive at £19.95. A smaller tome at less cost may tempt more people to purchase the handy hints – and make no mistake they are useful. However if ‘prevention is better than cure’ then at under 7p a tip what I have learned may prove priceless to my mum.

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  1. Thanks CPEA Nose for your fantastic review! Most of all I am pleased that you feel the hints are useful, as improving the health and wellbeing of older family and friends is why we have written our book and launched our social enterprise.
    I appreciate £19.95 is a high amount for a 'book', but we feel that Action for Ageing is not like a regular book that is read once and put on the shelf (hopefully not!), but more a helpful, entertaining resource that can be looked at and re-used over the years by the whole family. It is intended to be an enjoyable read and source of ideas, as people move further along the ageing path. People have also found it to be useful as a sensitive, inoffensive way to initiate discussion with their parents about the whole issue of ageing, increasing vulnerability and care planning. Plus, many families will spend £20 on pizza for one dinner. Hopefully our book/resource will prove money better spent - and I am as much of a pizza-lover as anyone! I would also like to mention that we regularly send out offers of 20-25% on email and Twitter, etc, and offer an automatic 25% discount to all people who visit our website and request a free 28 page book extract (+ free 20 Top Tips!), just by leaving their name and email. We don't spam people afterwards or anything like that, we just send a monthly tips and news update which people also find interesting (and hopefully humorous!).
    I thank you very much for spending the time to read our book and provide such a thoughtful and fair review. I truly hope that there are tips from our book that you action and that they do make a real improvement to your mum's wellbeing. If you do wish to share any updates, I would be very grateful. Yours with thanks, Chris Minett and Action for Ageing.